The Independence Pack

The Independence Pack Series

During the tumultuous human times of the American Revolution another world is facing its own rebellion. Within the halls of the British Royal Pack there is dissension between the wolves of England and the wolves in the American colonies. Culturally they've changed and new ideas of who should rule have arisen. Where do those that pledge fealty, or not, fall?

The Independence Pack Stories are a series of short stories, serials, and novels that involve shifters in North America and Europe during the American Revolution.


A Raven's Wolf 

Raven shifter Connor is living a life of deliberate separation from the powerful workings of shifter society and the influence of his father. Having foresworn his connection the The Rookery he thinks he has a semblance of freedom. However, one night his past catches up to him with word of Mathieu Beaufort, a wolf his father had helped kidnap on behalf of the Royal Park during the Seven Years War. For the sake of their childhood friendship Connor decides to warn him that he is about to be swept up again into the world of shifter power struggles and intrigue.

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[In Progress] Untitled

Thomas knew his family had secrets, but when they became too much he needed to get away. Setting out on his own and getting work at a printshop, befriending a mysterious young man who has a tendency to disappear. When the British Army rolls into town he faces a new set of challenges, but these are no ordinary redcoats. They have a secret that, ultimately, Thomas shares.

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