Short Stories

To Kiss a Frog

Synopsis: It’s 1920 and Alexander Stanley has been cursed to live as a frog longer than he lived as a human. On a fateful night in 1880, he is cursed in the arms of his lover. His love sent away and trapped in a desert spring, Alex is not sure he will ever escape. Gabriel, a scientist, appears as if by another sort of magic, one day dropping his pocket watch into the pond. Alex offers a trade, the return of the pocket watch for a rescue. What Alex doesn’t realize is that Gabriel needs rescuing just as much as he does.

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The Vampire's Mark

Synopsis: Douglas knew he needed to end it. He would confront Rowan and get rid of the vampire once and for all. He was breaking every oath he had sworn when he became a Hunter, destroying monsters all across the High Plains. No more monsters would inhabit his wild West, especially not the monster that he loved. However, when confronted by his lover, can he bring himself to do it?

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Wishing on the Perseid (Reprint) - inside Queerly Loving Anthology #1
(Previously published in the Love in Uniform anthology from Torquere Press)

Synopsis: Zach Johnson went looking for a little bit of adventure before heading to graduate school in a new place. Rocky Mountain National Park seemed just the ticket and as good a place as any. Stumbling into a ranger talk, he meets Park Ranger Ryan Jenkins expert on pine trees and alluring with his friendly smiles and lingering handshakes. Not to mention he looks pretty sexy in the green and gray.

At first, Zach can’t tell if he’s just being friendly or perhaps it’s something more and a hike through the rain just makes him more curious. An invite to Ryan’s cabin to watch the Perseid meteor shower is the last straw, he has to know. What he finds in the woods is more than he though and goes to show that wishing on stars might be more worth it than he ever thought.

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